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The HECHT Big bag station range goes from basic stations to discharging of high potent powders using the patented EC “Easy Connect” technology. Various options are available. 

Hecht Big Bag Discharge stations

An FIBC discharge station mainly consists of 3 components:

  1. The Connection system is the core component. Different possibilities are available according to the required level of containment. 
  2. The basic frame: big bag lifting system, support table with or without vibration and massaging options, and the frame for fastening the connection system.to the next process step,
  3. Interphase to the next process stem e.g. dosing unit, scales, suction shoe with pneumatic conveying, mixer, reactor… 

Helena Artama

Application Specialist Sterilisation and Powder Handling

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Different Connections for BigBags

Industrial bulk material handling facility featuring HECHT equipment, with multiple white Big Bags suspended above stainless steel funnels for material discharge, all part of a meticulously organized system designed for high-capacity and efficient processing.

All Connection Systems are designed for safety and optimal ergonomy. They are also available as components to be integrated into larger systems or can be rented. 

The Connection System for the Big Bag Outlet is selected according to several criteria. The level of containment can go from coarse protection of the operator up the OEB 5 or 6 level protection. 

All connection systems can be delivered in various materials and many different options are available: Alex-versions, WIP, connection options etc. 



A technician in a cleanroom suit operates a HECHT Big Bag discharge station, focusing on the control mechanism with precision, set against the backdrop of a sterile, high-grade industrial environment, indicating stringent health and safety standards in material handling.

The Compact connection system CAS is a cost-efficient starter version for low-dust discharging (up to OEL < 1.000-5.000 ÎŒg/m3) of FIBCs (with or without inner liner).

The CAS is designed for handling non-hazardous products in simple industrial, chemical, food or pharmaceutical applications.


HECHT Technologie's AAS Outlet-Connection-System in an industrial setting, designed for low-dust discharging of FIBCs with enhanced double dust leakage protection, commonly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries to handle non-hazardous and dusty bulk solids safely and cleanly

The outlet connection system AAS is used for low-dust discharging (up to OEL 1.000 – 5.000 ÎŒg/m3) of FIBCs with or without inner liner and features a double protection against dust leakage.

The outlet connection system distinguishes itself by its easy handling. For discharging, you just have to pull the closed FIBC outlet over the inner tube and fix it using the sealing flange. The latter is possible using the two-hand lever mechanism, which makes sure that the operator cannot squeeze his/her fingers between the sealing flange and the outer tube in case of proper handling.


AAS-EF (with dedusting)

HECHT Technologie AAS-EF Outlet-Connection-System with integrated dedusting filter for low-dust discharging of bulk solids from FIBCs, designed for use in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, enhancing environmental protection and operational efficiency without the need for an external filter unit.

The outlet connection system with integrated dedusting filter AAS-EF is the further development of the proven AAS.

It is used for low-dust discharging (up to OEL 100 – 1,000 ÎŒg/m3) of slightly hazardous and dusty bulk solids from FIBCs and protects the room against contamination.

Due to the integrated dedusting filter, the connection to an external filter unit is no longer necessary.

LAS-EC "Easy Connect" (OEB5 containment version)

"Industrial HECHT Technologie LAS-EC system for dust-free discharging of Big Bags up to OEB 5, featuring an automatic liner fixation for efficient bin exchange with minimal consumable use, emphasizing ergonomic operation and safety.

The outlet connection system LAS-EC „Easy Connect“ (patent-pending) enables a fast automatic, safe and ergonomic discharging of BigBags with internal liner up to a Containment level of OEB 5.  Operator, environment and product are consequently protected from contamination and impurities. No consumables such as O-rings are needed.

Various options are available, WIP, electropneumatic or pneumatic control, etc. 

SoliValveÂź Split-cone System

A HECHT BigBag discharge station with the SoliValve cone system, featuring a large suspended BigBag above a stainless steel funnel with a valve system, designed for precise, contained material transfer in a clean, tiled industrial setting.

The SoliValveÂź Split-cone System enables fully automatic, low-contamination as well as contained discharging and dosing (up to OEL 10-100 ÎŒg/m3) of slightly hazardous products from special BigBags with conical closure (SoliBagÂź). 

By controlling the active valve, product can be dosed from the BigBag. In the case of partial discharge, the SoliBagÂź is closed again by the integrated conical closure after disconnection and can be connected again and dis- charged at a later point in time.

CIP nozzles (Cleaning in Place) and a cleaning cover allow for hygienic cleaning of the entire connection system. The cleaning efficiency can be prevalidated at the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). 

Service through product lifetime

We provide services at all stages in the lifetime of the equipment, keeping the equipment in good working order and prolonging the lifetime of the installations.

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Founded in 1976, Sofinn Group of companies provides a comprehensive range of state of the art equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We provide turnkey solutions for destillation, sterilisation, lyophilisation, decontamination, washing and filling. accusantium doloremque laudantium.

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Industrial Purified Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) Unit, showcasing a complex assembly of pipes, tanks, and filtration systems mounted on a skid with a blue control panel on the right side. The unit features an array of stainless steel components and a digital control interface designed for automatic function, surveillance, and maximum operational safety. Suitable for high-quality water purification processes, offering flexible operation with hot water sanitation capabilities and easy installation, with a capacity range from 200 to 7,000 liters per hour.
Compact industrial water purification system with a vertical silver tank labelled 'AQUA-NOVA,' attached to a grey control cabinet with multiple control buttons and indicators. Adjacent is a larger blue control panel with digital displays and readouts for monitoring and adjusting the system's performance. Designed for efficiency and reliability in water treatment processes, the system appears to be ready for high-purity applications, featuring a modular construction for easy maintenance and operation.

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