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HECHT has optimal, contained solutions for two types of discharging of drums: the Containment Drum Discharging Station with lifting/tipping device type CFE-K and the Drum Discharging with suction lance type CFE-L. Both are especially designed for ergonomic, safety and efficient emptying of drums. 

Product Advantages

  • Discharging up to OEB 5, OEL < 1őľg/m3 according to SMEPAC tests

  • Monitoring of the product flow

  • Product handling via gloves

  • Contamination-free replacement of gloves

  • Contamination-free connection via double¬†O-ring technology or the HECHT patented -EC Easy Connect Technology

  • Positioning and docking of the drum by the automatic, safe and ergonomic lifting device

Winner of the POWTECH Technology Award

“HECHT Technologie managed to combine Containment and
ergonomics to one convincing solution: with the high-containment CFE-L it is possible to discharge drums in various sizes hygienically and operator-friendly by means of a suction-lance.‚ÄĚ


Helena Artama

Application Specialist Sterilisation and Powder Handling

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Drum Discharger CFE-K-EC

Industrial HECHT Containment Drum Discharger CFE-K ensures low-contamination handling of drums up to OEB 5. Features include glove ports for manual operations, double O-ring technology for contamination-free connections, adaptable docking for various drum diameters, and multiple rear ports for versatile integration into pneumatic systems, all designed for a hygienic and potentially ATEX-compliant workspace.

HECHT’s Containment Drum Discharger CFE-K-EC with tipping¬†device and “Easy”¬†port¬†¬†is used for low-contamination discharging of drums with inner liners up to OEB 5. Thanks to the new EC-port which is part of our “Easy Connect” Family,¬† drums can now be exchanged significantly easier and more economic. The new technology enables a drum exchange nearly free of any consumables.
The increased operator convenience and still high Containment conditions are strong arguments for this new technology. By means of the tipping device drums can be connected easily.
The products supplied in drums are additionally packed in foils, also referred to as liners, to ensure operator- and product protection.

If the drum discharge station is equipped with a tipping device, the drum can lifted via a special lifting device at the back of the glove box and docked to the connection port provided. In the initial position, the glove box is closed by a shower cap.

The operator fixes the outer liner at the EC-port, over the shower cap.

Then, the operator pulls the shower cap into the isolator using the gloves. An intuitive Operators Panel or Press Buttons with two hand safety guides the operator though the sequences. 

Using the gloves, he opens the inner liner inside the isolator and
empties the contents.

As an alternative, if desired, a suction shoe can be integrated at the outlet of the glove box for connection to a downstream vacuum conveying system.

After the content has been emptied, the liner is closed twice towards the drum and the isolator.

This double-closure technology ensures protection of both the isolator and the product against unwanted product escape (or product entry as well).

The cycle can then start again, and a new drum can be connected.

Drum Discharger CFE-L

HECHT's Containment Drum Discharger CFE-L, an award-winning design for contamination-free discharging of drums. It features a lance insertion point and a double-gloved access point to maintain a high containment level up to OEB 5, ensuring operator and product safety during material transfer.

HECHT’s Containment Drum Discharger with lance type¬†CFE-L is used for contamination-free discharging of drums with inner liner up to OEB 5.¬†To ensure operator and product protection, the products supplied in drums are additionally packed in foils, also referred to as liners. The product must be packed in at least one liner.¬†Discharging drums by using a suction lance is especially suitable in case of limited space conditions or weight-controlled removal of the product.¬†The ergonomic handling of our drum discharger won the POWTECH Technology Award in 2016.

In the case of loss-in-weight systems, the operator takes the drum via the roller conveyor directly underneath the glove box.

The drum is positioned by means of the lifting device.

Then the operator fixes the outer liner at the double O-ring port using a clamping ring. He removes the residues of the previous liner using the gloves and temporarily stores them in the glove box.

The drum is then pressed against the gasket at the bottom of the glove box and fixed using the lifting device. The inner liner (product liner) is opened, stabilized with a ring and sealed by means of an inflatable seal.

In order to stabilize the liner and facilitate discharging, the area between drum and outer liner is put under slight vacuum, preventing the liner from being sucked.

n by the suction lance.

The drum is now connected, and the powder can be sucked out of the drum by means of a lance and vacuum. The linear guiding of the suction lance supports the easy handling during discharge. After the drum has been emptied, the residues of the previous liner can be disposed of in the drum. As soon as the outer liner has been loosened, the drum is closed by means of the double closing system as already described.

The empty drum can then be removed and a new cycle can be started.



Various Options

  • WIP (Washing in Place)
  • Inerting
  • Ex-version for zones inside 1/21; outside 2/22
  • Full FDA compliance of the materials used
  • Waste port with liner technology
  • Different surfaces and materials depending on¬†the version selected, e.g. 1.4301 or 1.4404

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Compact industrial water purification system with a vertical silver tank labelled 'AQUA-NOVA,' attached to a grey control cabinet with multiple control buttons and indicators. Adjacent is a larger blue control panel with digital displays and readouts for monitoring and adjusting the system's performance. Designed for efficiency and reliability in water treatment processes, the system appears to be ready for high-purity applications, featuring a modular construction for easy maintenance and operation.

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