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Laboratory Lyophilizer

Choose a Tofflon laboratory lyophilizer for unmatched reliability and performance in freeze-drying applications. Ideal for pharmaceuticals, biotech, and food research, these systems meet stringent USFDA and EU-GMP standards. Benefit from quick response time, versatile loading options, and cost-effective operation. Experience faster R&D cycles and enhanced product quality, all supported by localized sales and service.

Option Range

  • cGMP Design
  • AISI 316 L construction for all products and surfaces
  • Cylindrical process chamber and external condenser
  • Air cooling and water cooling compressor for option
  • Thermal exchanger and circulation pump


Ease of use and quality

This advanced equipment boasts a cGMP-compliant design, ensuring it meets the highest standards for Good Manufacturing Practices in the pharmaceutical industry. Constructed with AISI 316L stainless steel for all product contact surfaces, it guarantees durability and resistance to corrosion, critical for maintaining product purity.


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Laboratory LYO 0.5 mÂČ

Tofflon lyophilizer, a modern freeze-drying machine for pharmaceutical applications, with a prominent circular door and the Tofflon logo.

 The machine features a cylindrical process chamber and an external condenser strategically located behind the freeze-drying chamber, optimizing space and efficiency. Flexibility is a key advantage, with both air cooling and water cooling compressor options available, catering to different operational needs. Its thermal exchanger and circulation pump are meticulously engineered to ensure uniform temperature distribution on and between each shelf, crucial for consistent product quality. The control system is a standout feature, integrating PLC, PC, and a Touch Screen interface, fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, assuring data integrity and secure electronic records. This equipment is a pinnacle of technological advancement, designed to meet the rigorous demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

ModelLYO 0.5
Usable Shelf Area (m2)0.54
Ice Capacity (kg)10
Number of Shelves4+1
Shelf Dimension (l x h)450mm x 300mm
Shelf Spacing100mm
Shelf Temp Range (C)-45 to +70 (air cooling) -55 to +80 (Water Cooling)
Condenser Final Temp (C)< -45 (Air cooling) < -75 (Water Cooling)
Overall Dimension1600 x 1100 x 2100
Approximate weight (ton)1,5

Service through product lifetime

We provide services at all stages in the lifetime of the equipment, keeping the equipment in good working order and prolonging the lifetime of the installations.

Over 40 years experience

Founded in 1976, Sofinn Group of companies provides a comprehensive range of state of the art equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We provide turnkey solutions for destillation, sterilisation, lyophilisation, decontamination, washing and filling. accusantium doloremque laudantium.

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As your trusted partner in service and equipment solutions, we are deeply committed to quality, specialising in sterilising water and pharmaceutical equipment.

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Industrial Purified Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) Unit, showcasing a complex assembly of pipes, tanks, and filtration systems mounted on a skid with a blue control panel on the right side. The unit features an array of stainless steel components and a digital control interface designed for automatic function, surveillance, and maximum operational safety. Suitable for high-quality water purification processes, offering flexible operation with hot water sanitation capabilities and easy installation, with a capacity range from 200 to 7,000 liters per hour.
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