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Production Lyophilisers (7.5-20m2)

Tofflon Production Lyophilisers epitomize efficiency and innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Our robustly designed lyophilisers offer scalability and advanced controls, ensuring consistent quality. Featuring cutting-edge freeze-drying technology, they maximize production capacity while upholding safety and reliability. Tofflon not only provides superior equipment but also a commitment to precision and excellence in large-scale lyophilisation, coupled with the industry’s shortest delivery times and an unbeaten price-to-quality ratio.

Fastest delivery times

Tofflon Production Lyophilisers set the standard in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, combining top-tier freeze-drying technology with unmatched efficiency. Our equipment guarantees superior performance and reliability, ensuring the best price-to-quality ratio. Tofflon stands out for its industry-leading short delivery times, exemplifying commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.

In-Process Quality Control

In our commitment to in-process quality control, we meticulously conduct a variety of critical tests and validations, including the Shelves Temperature Uniformity Test, SIP (Sterilization in Place) Temperature Distribution Test, CPI (Critical Process Indicator) Validation, and Filter Integrity Test (WIT – Water Intrusion Test), ensuring the highest standards of reliability and efficiency in our processes.”


Yan Shen

Project Manager

“We will work with your team to choose the best products and specifications for your requirements. We can handle everything from the first phone call to installation.”

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Production LYO-8 mÂČ

Tofflon Ampoule Filling Line, designed for the precise filling of ampoules in pharmaceutical production, showcasing streamlined efficiency and advanced technology for high-quality drug packaging

Refrigeration System

  • Modulardesign to achieve reliable and high efficiency production.
  • Advanced pipeline process technology prohibits leaks.
  • World-class refrigeration units ensure reliability with long service life.
  • Each compressor has an independent circuit to cool shelves or condenser.
  • Safety protection for compressors in high pressure, low pressure, motor overheat,differential oil pressure, unstable current, short circuit,lacking phase and cooling water flow, etc.
  • Environment friendly HFC refrigerant:free of CFC and HCFC.
  • Vibration absorbers to reduce vibration and noise.
  • The flow rate of refrigerant is controlled by an expansion valve to achieve the precise temperature.
  • Compressor: CopelandÂź,BitzerÂź or KobelcoÂź,MycomÂź.
Model7,5 m210 m213 m215 m220 m2
Usable Shelf Area m27,569,7212,9614,4019,73
Ice Capacity kg150200250300400
Vials Capacity (22mm-10ml) nr17 10022 00029 40032 70044 800
Vials Capacity (16mm-5ml) nr32 40041 70055 60061 80084 700
Shelf Dimensions (L x W )1200 x 9001200 x 9001200 x 9001200 x 12001200 x 1200
Nr of shelves7+19+19+110 + 111 + 1
Shelf Spacing100100100100100
Power Supply kW54668585117
Cooling Water m3/hr1620242434
Overall Dimension (L x W x H)4700 x 2300 x 34005200 x 2200 x 38006500 x 2300 x 39006500 x 2300 x 39007300 x 3000 x 4200
Approximate Weight (ton)8,51012,51317,5

Service through product lifetime

We provide services at all stages in the lifetime of the equipment, keeping the equipment in good working order and prolonging the lifetime of the installations.

Over 40 years experience

Founded in 1976, Sofinn Group of companies provides a comprehensive range of state of the art equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We provide turnkey solutions for destillation, sterilisation, lyophilisation, decontamination, washing and filling. accusantium doloremque laudantium.

Experts in pharmaceutical solutions products

As your trusted partner in service and equipment solutions, we are deeply committed to quality, specialising in sterilising water and pharmaceutical equipment.

Specialised in Quality: Focused on sterilising water and pharmaceutical equipment.

Customer-Centric: Your satisfaction drives our exceptional service.

Project Simplification: Making even the most complex tasks manageable.

Timely Delivery: Get what you need, when you need it.

Tailored Solutions: Match your project with the most effective technology.

Industrial Purified Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) Unit, showcasing a complex assembly of pipes, tanks, and filtration systems mounted on a skid with a blue control panel on the right side. The unit features an array of stainless steel components and a digital control interface designed for automatic function, surveillance, and maximum operational safety. Suitable for high-quality water purification processes, offering flexible operation with hot water sanitation capabilities and easy installation, with a capacity range from 200 to 7,000 liters per hour.
Compact industrial water purification system with a vertical silver tank labelled 'AQUA-NOVA,' attached to a grey control cabinet with multiple control buttons and indicators. Adjacent is a larger blue control panel with digital displays and readouts for monitoring and adjusting the system's performance. Designed for efficiency and reliability in water treatment processes, the system appears to be ready for high-purity applications, featuring a modular construction for easy maintenance and operation.

Specialist in pure, clean and sterile applications

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