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The accuracy of dosing- and weighing units for bulk material handling are crucial factors for the overall result. Hecht can put together the right weighing and dosing concept according to the client’s needs.¬†

The important dosing and weighing concept

Sometimes, a precise measuring only may not be enough and it is reasonable to take the following points into consideration:

  • maximum product protection
  • dead-space-free design
  • residue-free discharging
  • simple handling
  • easy-to-clean surfaces
  • hygienic design

At HECHT we can

At HECHT there are many options for dosing and the HECHT powder experts are there to help the customer choose the right technology and methods depending on the accuracy, the cleanability requirements and the powder characteristics.


Helena Artama

Application Specialist Sterilisation and Powder Handling

‚ÄúLet’s get in contact with the HECHT expert in BigBag Discharge. Together we will find the optimal connection system and select the right options for your application.‚ÄĚ

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Rotary Valves

A HECHT dosing valve with a distinctive white star-shaped rotor housed within a metal frame. The apparatus includes manual levers and clamps for operation, typically used in the controlled release and dosing of powdered or granular materials in industrial settings.

The rotary feeder in easy-to-clean design from HECHT is especially used for frequent product changes. It is a dosing device for various filling stations or loading point for screening machines, particularly for food or pharmaceutical applications. The particularly easy cleaning offers an enormous advantage with frequent product changes.

The rotor transfers a determined product quantity from the product inlet to the product outlet of the feeder and ensures a controlled and precise dosing. By adjusting the rotational velocity, the product flow can be controlled. A magnetic safety sensor prevents the rotor from driving  after the lid is opened.

Dosing Valve

Bottom-up view of a HECHT vibrating dosing valve mounted on the ceiling, featuring a cylindrical stainless steel body with a motor and control units attached. This valve is integral to controlling material flow in processing systems, designed for efficiency and cleanliness in high-purity environments.

Dosing valves are a simple and efficient solution for a smooth discharging of bulk solids like powders or granulates. A smooth flow rate is generated due to the vibration and the bulk material can flow freely. Product bridges, crystalline compounds can be loosened and a correct dosing is guaranteed.

  • Mechanically driven high-frequency vibration and dosing valve
  • Simple regulation for a continuous product flow
  • Very accurate fine dosing
  • Shaft with multiple bearings
  • One-piece, gap-free connections
  • Reduction of incrustations

Dosing Screws

Disassembled view of a HECHT Dosierschnecke dosing screw conveyor, highlighting its modular components including the hopper, screw sections, motor, and various connecting clamps. Designed for quick disassembly, the equipment offers customizable configurations for efficient cleaning and maintenance in hygienic industrial applications.

Depending on the bulk material in use and the respective application, our dosing screws can be used either volumetrically or gravimetrically. Substances and granulates with good flow behaviour can therefore be volumetrically dosed. The necessary flow rate can easily be regulated by the rotation speed of the screw. According to the rotation number the dosing capacity depends on the flow rate that is conveyed per time unit.
For loss-in-weight dosing according to a fixed, documentable default nominal value, a gravimetric dosing is recommended in combination with a weighing and control device. Here, the mass flow control and measuring is done via weight control.

SoliValve Split Cone Technology

The HECHT SoliValve¬ģ system, shown with its conical plug element partially inserted into the docking station, demonstrates the precision of this powder handling technology. The metallic sheen of the stainless steel emphasizes the clean and advanced design suitable for controlled and contained material transfer.

Unlike any other solution for powder handling on the market, the SoliValve¬ģ technology is¬†versatile,¬†reliable¬†and guarantees¬†outstanding results and performance¬†in terms of¬†containment¬†(OEB5),¬†dosing accuracy¬†(+/-1g)¬†and complete automation.¬†
Only the SoliValve¬ģ technology allows to¬†fill or discharge completely or partly¬†FIBCs,¬†Rigid IBCs,¬†drums and¬†bags¬†via the same docking unit thanks to the¬†universal¬†Passive-SoliValve¬ģ design.¬†

The SoliValve¬ģ is compatible with¬†all type of recipients¬†from¬†Rigid IBC,¬†FIBC¬†to¬†drums and is the only Cone Valve system equipped with the patented fluidisation¬†feature that allows to blow air or nitrogen inside the recipient to help discharge¬†difficult flowing powder,¬†break bridges¬†and avoid¬†segregation. The SoliValve¬ģ system is¬†fully automated.¬†No manual operations¬†are needed anymore to connect/disconnect the recipient. Thanks to a state of the art dosing algorithm, a millimeter accurate positioning of the opening and an internal¬†high frequency vibrator, the SoliValve¬ģ allows¬†very precise and repeatable¬†dosing (precision of 1% (even 0.5% with SoliValve¬ģ100) can be achieved depending on the scale resolution.¬† The Passive-SoliValve¬ģ being made of injected polymer, it is very¬†cost efficient, and allows single usage of FIBC instead of expensive RIBC.

Service through product lifetime

We provide services at all stages in the lifetime of the equipment, keeping the equipment in good working order and prolonging the lifetime of the installations.

Over 40 years experience

Founded in 1976, Sofinn Group of companies provides a comprehensive range of state of the art equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We provide turnkey solutions for destillation, sterilisation, lyophilisation, decontamination, washing and filling. accusantium doloremque laudantium.

Experts in pharmaceutical solutions products

As your trusted partner in service and equipment solutions, we are deeply committed to quality, specialising in sterilising water and pharmaceutical equipment.

Specialised in Quality: Focused on sterilising water and pharmaceutical equipment.

Customer-Centric: Your satisfaction drives our exceptional service.

Project Simplification: Making even the most complex tasks manageable.

Timely Delivery: Get what you need, when you need it.

Tailored Solutions: Match your project with the most effective technology.

Industrial Purified Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) Unit, showcasing a complex assembly of pipes, tanks, and filtration systems mounted on a skid with a blue control panel on the right side. The unit features an array of stainless steel components and a digital control interface designed for automatic function, surveillance, and maximum operational safety. Suitable for high-quality water purification processes, offering flexible operation with hot water sanitation capabilities and easy installation, with a capacity range from 200 to 7,000 liters per hour.
Compact industrial water purification system with a vertical silver tank labelled 'AQUA-NOVA,' attached to a grey control cabinet with multiple control buttons and indicators. Adjacent is a larger blue control panel with digital displays and readouts for monitoring and adjusting the system's performance. Designed for efficiency and reliability in water treatment processes, the system appears to be ready for high-purity applications, featuring a modular construction for easy maintenance and operation.

Specialist in pure, clean and sterile applications

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