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Sofinn Group and Lytzen Announces Expansion of Partnership

The Sofinn Group is delighted to announce the extension of its long-standing partnership with Lytzen. This collaboration, spanning over 40 years, will now include representation in The Netherlands, effective from 1st January 2024. This expansion adds to Sofinn Group’s existing representation in France, Belgium, the UK, and Ireland.

The Sofinn Group, known for its commitment to excellence in the pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing sector, is also making strategic organisational changes to bolster this partnership. Sebastian Bjorksten is appointed to head the Lytzen representation in all markets at Sofinn, with Helena Artama supporting as Applications Specialist.

Gunnar Bjorksten, Founder of the Sofinn Group, commented on this development, “The strong teams at both Lytzen and the Sofinn Group, working in tandem, will guarantee enhanced client satisfaction, ensuring both accuracy and speed in our deliveries. This is a step forward in our mission to deliver the highest quality services in the industry.”

Dennis Klindt, Managing Director of Lytzen, expressed his enthusiasm about this expanded cooperation: “I am extremely pleased with this development. The potential market in The Netherlands is substantial and we already have a large installed base. I am confident that this extended collaboration will allow us to explore and effectively serve this important sector.”

This extended cooperation marks a new chapter in the Sofinn Group’s journey, underlining its commitment to growth, customer service excellence, and strategic business management. The Sofinn Group remains dedicated to leading and expanding its business, while continually striving to meet and exceed the needs of its clients and the broader pharmaceutical industry.

About Lytzen:

Lytzen is a renowned name in the pharmaceutical industry, specialising in advanced sterilisation technology. With a focus on quality and innovation, Lytzen has been a trusted partner for numerous pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

About the Sofinn Group:

The Sofinn Group is a leader in the manufacturing of equipment for  water distillation, effluent decontamination and representation for dry heat sterilisers and tray dryers for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Founded in France, the company has been a pivotal player in the industry for over four decades, continually driving innovation and excellence.

For more information please contact:

Sebastian Bjorksten, Managing Director, Sofinn UK, +44 7539 432 772, [email protected]
Dennis Klindt, Manging Director, Lytzen A/S, +45 44 50 15 47, [email protected]


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