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Pharmtec est 1977

Since its founding in 1977, Pharmtec SA has been part of the Sofinn group. The group consists of several companies offering cutting-edge equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, including turnkey solutions for distillation, sterilisation, lyophilisation, effluent decontamination, washing, and filling.

The strength of a group lies in its ability to mobilise diverse skills, fostering innovation and excellence. This collaboration has allowed Pharmtec to explore new horizons, optimise its operations, and proactively respond to the changing needs of the industry for several years.

A broader market is part of a vision to expand into a larger market, where Sofinn and Pharmtec can capitalise on the extended resources and expertise of the group. Being part of the Sofinn Group, Pharmtec benefits from privileged access to a broader market, thus strengthening its presence and impact.

The Pharmtec brand will in the future be synonymous with the forefront in Effluent Decontamination as we will continue to develop our well known patented solutions for effluent Decontamination under the Pharmtec brand.  

1976: Foundation of Sofinn SA to serve the French market with various Finnish high-tech equipment.

1977: Establishment of Finn-Aqua SA (now Pharmtec SA) to specialise in the market of water distillation for                  the pharmaceutical industry.

2021: Pharmtec opens a workshop in Normandy and delivers its first equipment, an Effluent                                           Decontamination Station and a Duo System of two GVPs).

2022: The company renews its partnership with Tofflon, a world leader in lyophilisers, and becomes the                       exclusive representative of the brand in France and Finland.

2023: Start of French manufacturing of Aqua-Nova equipment (Water Distillers for WFI, Pure Steam                               Generators, combi devices: 2 in 1) through manufacturing agreement with sister company Aqua-Nova

You will now find Pharmtec’s activities and news on this  website. Pharmtec will continue to serve its customers in France and develop its products and services as before.

For more information:

Mats Mickos
Managing Director
Pharmtec SA
[email protected]
+ 33 6 77 51 96 26

Alt text: "Industrial setting featuring AQUA-NOVA® pure steam generator and combi units, marked 'PSG' and 'MEDS' respectively, within a clean, modern manufacturing facility. The image displays the advanced water purification equipment prominently with the AQUA-NOVA® logo visible, indicating a high standard of water for injection (WFI) production.
Industrial effluent decontamination station (mini series) by Pharmtec, featuring a horizontal storage tank and various vertical purification cylinders mounted on a metal frame. The assembly includes intricate piping, valves, and a control panel, constructed from stainless steel for high durability and hygienic standards.
Tofflon freeze dryer system, featuring multiple stainless steel chambers with transparent viewing ports and a central control interface, designed for the freeze-drying process in pharmaceutical manufacturing, highlighting a modular design for scalability and efficiency
Industrial bulk material handling facility featuring HECHT equipment, with multiple white Big Bags suspended above stainless steel funnels for material discharge, all part of a meticulously organized system designed for high-capacity and efficient processing.
Vertical AQUA-NOVA® Pure Steam Generator displayed in isolation, featuring a tall cylindrical chamber with a control panel and structural framework, specifically designed to produce high-quality pure steam.

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Unlock higher performance and compliance with our upgrade services. Control system refinements and risk assessments, we revamp your existing equipment for optimal efficiency. Future-proof your operations with us."
The patent-pending Containment-Sampling-Stick CPS is used for sampling e.g. in incoming goods or for quality control of critical materials up to OEB 5.This new, mobile and cost-effective solution with optional transport trolley enables sampling in just a few steps.
The Containment Drum Discharging Station with lifting/tipping device type CFE-K and the Drum Discharging with suction lance type CFE-L. Both are especially designed for ergonomic, safety and efficient emptying of drums.

Our products

We excel in delivering pharmaceutical turnkey projects, with expertise in water sterilization, dry heat sterilizers, and more. Our deep industry knowledge and regulatory compliance ensure customized solutions that guarantee quality. Exceptional customer service and strategic project management ensure successful outcomes. In pharmaceuticals, our proven track record speaks for itself.

Aqua-Nova stills mark a significant leap in distillation technology with reduced steam velocity and enhanced performance. Their robust, reliable design, complete with modulating control valves for all fluids, guarantees optimal operation across all conditions.

Aqua-Nova’s ‘float’ type heat exchangers excel by completely submerging in water, preventing thermal stress that may lead to micro cracks. This design ensures uniform contraction and expansion of tubes and the mantle under consistent steam and water conditions.

Lytzen has been fully specialized in depyrogenation ovens for over 50 years. What makes Lytzen unique is their highly specialized knowledge in this special application of batch depyrogenation in chambers ranging from 590 liters to about 7000 liters.

Lyophilization, commonly known as freeze-drying, is a crucial process in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Maintaining product integrity is key. Mainly used for preservation of biologicals and drug formulation among many other things.

High-level containment powder transfer systems for the pharmaceutical industry. The products include powder filling and emptying stations, the PCC (Pro Clean Conveyor) pneumatic powder transfer system, and powder sampling devices.

Drawing on its expertise in the field of water treatment and heat sterilisation. Sofinn has through Pharmtec SA developed a new technology (patented) for effluent decontamination without pumps and heat exchangers, meeting BSL requirements for levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 with superior resistance to clogging.

The transferring of biopharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, or gene therapies, from bulk containers into their final dosage forms, which are typically vials, syringes, or other delivery systems is highly regulated and demands precision and sterility to ensure the quality and safety of the final product.

Sofinn provides service at all stages in the lifetime of the equipment, keeping the equipment in good working order and prolonging the lifetime of the installations. Carried out by our high quality, well-trained professionals with experience from the pharmaceutical industry.